Welcome to Minnesota Air

Minnesota Air is a family owned business serving the HVAC industry. Our roots go back to the early 1950s when our first generation owners founded one of the largest independent plumbing wholesalers in the United States. Minnesota Air was created in 1981 as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company. In 1999, Minnesota Air spun off and became a separate corporation concentrating solely on the HVAC industry.

We are now the longest tenured full-service HVAC distributorship in Minnesota. We are committed to providing leading edge equipment, parts, and supplies for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration contractors in Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota and Western Wisconsin.

Among Minnesota Air’s unique features and services are our four strategically located parts stores, a knowledgeable customer support center, in-house training at the Air Academy, and a customized freight program.

Through loyal partnerships with our customers and brands, we’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence and built a strong team of industry leaders. Knowledge and experience in this industry are what sets Minnesota Air apart from our competitors. Minnesota Air and its employees share an ongoing commitment to education both internally and through the training we provide to you, our partners.