With the Minnesota Air Air Academy, you can choose from a selection of in-person or online courses on installation and service from certified trainers to earn credits your technicians can apply toward HVAC certification. Minnesota Air has a library of resources so you can take a class around your schedule, look up a technical video on demand, or search for the tips and tricks you need. We’ll even work with your team to outline courses specifically for your business.

Standard courses

Get up to speed (or get back up to speed) with a curriculum calendar designed to keep your team current with today's brands, technology, and problems.

Custom curriculum

Know the basics but need some specialty training? With custom hands-on training from experienced HVAC specialists, we’ll tailor the information to best fit the current challenges your team is facing.

Residential and Commercial HVAC Training

Whether you work with big HVAC applications, in-home heating & cooling equipment, or something in between, we'll make sure your technicians are ready for any challenge. Our top-of-the-line instructors are often part of our internal team, but we also partner with manufacturers to provide product-specific training for the latest tech, equipment, and tools.

Industry Proctored Tests

Get your employees and company the knowledge they need with Minnesota Air. Whether you need 50% team NATE certification as a Carrier dealer or your team needs to be EPA-certified to purchase certain refrigerants, we'll help your team get accredited, certified, and ready for success.


Onsite Courses


Forced Air System Design – December 8th 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

This class provides instruction on designing residential and light commercial forced air duct systems including selection and location of registers and grilles. Along with sizing the supply and return duct working. 

HVAC Training & Certification

"My heater is broken. Can you fix it?"

If you're not answering "yes" to every call, you're losing business – and if your technicians and installers can't back it up with the know-how to get the job done, you're losing your reputation.

That's why we provide installation and service training and certification to HVAC companies across residential and commercial verticals. This includes real-world situations in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration marketplace.

Maybe turnover has left your company with a knowledge gap and the newbies aren't quite up to speed yet. Maybe your technicians need EPA or NATE certification. Maybe your team just needs a regular refresher. Whatever it is, your team needs to be ready to handle every kind of issue they'll run into in the field. These courses and certifications are open to anyone in the market in a number of convenient ways.

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Minnesota Air's Air Academy Provides The Insider Knowledge You Need

While there are many HVAC training courses in the Midwest, Minnesota Air's trainers are unique because they're also our technical support team. We have labs to provide technicians with hands-on training so you can learn how to solve the problems you’re most likely to run into in the field.

How do your customers find you? With Minnesota Air's tailored and targeted HVAC marketing strategies, you can put your company in front of the people who need your services the most.

We use our insider knowledge of contractors’ frequently asked questions to build our training programs – and vice versa. Minnesota Air updates our training curriculum on a regular basis to ensure it's in line with what challenges installers and service techs are currently facing. Our service team finds out what technicians and installers are struggling with in the field, discovers solutions to them, and creates training to help the industry handle them. But we don’t just talk about it: we give you the opportunity to emulate it so you’re prepped with real experiences and solutions.

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